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I think that's about right for the date range. Generally, US export Cooper serials up to 400 were early-mid 70's range, but there is some variation.

Post some more info on the frame, and maybe we can pin it down more closely. Frame tubing, chainstay and wheelbase length, type of lugs and dropouts, color and decals (if still original), what kind of dropouts, cutouts, and braze on's. Nutted or recessed brakes, frame size, and seat post diameter.

With respect to decals, color, location(s), contrasting color panels or not, script or block type in decals. Describe specifically, or post pictures somewhere (yahoo, personal web page, others).

Bill Roberts Jacksonville, OR

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Hello Listmembers,

I have acquired a Ron Cooper touring bike, serial # 861. I've been told that the frame dates from the late '70s early '80s. Does anyone else with a Ron Cooper have some baseline data with respect to a serial number and date of manufacture which might help me pinpoint the date? The bike came with a hodgepodge of Campy and Sugino parts.


Marc St. Martin
Livermore, CA