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Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2005 12:43:35 -0500
From: George Allen <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Campagnolo headset question
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I've been told that the simple, alloy keyed washer that is the same shape as the NR washer doesn't exist. Strangely, I have one just as you described on my 1975 Raleigh Team that I'm pretty (not 100%) sure is original equipment. Anyone else out there want to vouch for the existence of this washer?

George Allen Lexington, Ky

At 09:44 AM 11/9/2005, Tom Dalton wrote:
>The SR alloy locknut was not used on other Campy headsets, except
>perhaps for the SR pista. There was a different shape to the early
>type, similar to NR as you described. I don't know that the
>markings were any different, but the shape was different enough that
>these nuts pretty much identify themselves. On the older nut, the
>face that sits on the lockwasher was circular. On the newer nut it
>is octagonal (though the corners are camfered up, away from the
>washer). The older nut is associated with the simple alloy keyed
>washer that is the same shape as the steel NR lockwasher. The later
>nut is associated with the fancy, thicker, grooved and logoed SR
>lockwasher. The later washer increases the stack height, and was
>intended to space out the wrenches when you adjust the HS. There is
>a little spring clip spacer in the Campy tool kit to use with the
>older SR and the NR.
>For what it is worth, there are two different general shapes to the
>newer SR nuts too, but the difference is subtle and hard for me to
>describe. Basically, the earlier of these two types is camfered at
>the top to a steeper angle and ends up looking more conical.
>Tom Dalton
>Bethlehem, PA
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