[CR]Hopper Vampire

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Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2005 19:55:57 -0000
Subject: [CR]Hopper Vampire

Just thought I would record the (to me) high price paid for a 1957 Hopper Vampire frame and forks on eBay. I would have liked it for my local museum, where I work as a volunteer, and where I am planning to find room for a few of my Elswick-Hopper collection. The nice thing about this one was that it was pristine and had a flambouyant and intricate downtube transfer. My size too but at $383.78, with the cost of repatriation, too much. The reason for its condition is that it had led a sheltered life in Salt Lake City, oddly, with a name like that, not a city renowned for a problem with winter salt on roads, which causes such havoc to enamel. Anyway, not a Cinelli, or Hetchins or Frejus, or any of the other 'collectable', bikes that 'collectors' bang on about, just a standard bit of English kit. I do hope that Velopolo enjoys it and sends me pictures when it is built up, in exchange for a catalogue scan. Is he a lister? If so, please conatct me. I console myself with the thought that it was an export bike and will still be flying the flag in the
Nigel Land
Barton on Hopper
sorry, that should be Barton on Humber