Re: [CR] campy brake hoods

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Subject: Re: [CR] campy brake hoods
Date: Fri, 11 Nov 2005 16:02:04 +0000

No, I didn't know they were fakes until I got my pair recently. Ken e-mailed me (for the first time) about the fake black ones that he received from you after I posted the general warning to the list about fakes. I have never re-sold any of your fake hoods. I don't sell counterfeit goods, sorry.

Greg Parker
Dexter, Michigan

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how bout i forward some of your emails greg parker to me about buying all my the list. you knew from ken denny for at least a year they were repops. and maybe send some of the emails from cr guys about how you screwed them.. you never addressed any of the ouestions in your edgey response to the list. the next time you try and blackmail my ass you will know what to except. im to big to spank and the last time i looked my mom was still in her grave but before she passed away she told me i could come out and other words i take crap off no one.the list knows you were not looking out for them or the hobby you just got pissed when you could not corner the market on these hoods and my god who knows what ungodly price you would have charged,and the hoods would have been a bargain compared to your shipping prices. so you and your henchmen stop lurking behind the scenes with this off list crap. and i guess the hoods worked great because you still have not sent them back.this is your last warning. you tried last year to get these hoods and again this year. next lie out of your mouth and this email goes to the list since you cant seem get over your loss.