Re: [CR]Collection of Photos: "Ciclismo. La leggenda degli eroi"

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From: Ben Kamenjas <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Collection of Photos: "Ciclismo. La leggenda degli eroi"
Date: Sat, 12 Nov 2005 20:24:32 +1100

On 12/11/2005 Angel Garcia in fair Verona, Italy wrote:
> In a bookstore today I saw what is a collection of 20 cycling photos,
> B&W,
> suitable for framing.The title is, "Ciclismo. La leggenda degli eroi".
> *ISBN:* 888858515X.
> Photos of riders included Bottecchia, Coppi, Bartali, Magni, Gimondi,
> Bobet,
> Anquetil, Merckx and a few others. I did find this link to a bookshop
> where you can
> see one of the photos (also used in the cover photo):
> (you can clickon the photo to get better resolution).
> For the price you could have quite a nice collection of photos....

Nice collection is an understatement. Some of the images are truly beautiful, the prints are a good size (11 x 14 from memory), it really is very cheap and the quality is good enough even without being framed. We chatted about this here on the list a whiles back but maybe some have forgotten what a fine stocking stuffer this is.

Olivier Dazat is the auteur or compiler of pictures and he obviously has a love for classic cycling/cyclists. Some of the early twenties photos from when the Tour was muddy goat tracks through the alps are heavy handed with photoshop (becasue the original exposure was so off) but you get a fantastic representation of the era's and some brilliant portraits. In real life I sometimes play a photog/artist and the following pic still moves me like very few images can and is about as perfect composition as I have seen .....

To view all the images ....

The prints are deeper and more contrasty than the web Jpegs. Available from many sources. Google Cycling: Its heroes and its legends or Cycling Legends Portfolio together with Olivier Dazat and you'll find it on the internets if not at the above links.

BTW Dazat is so CR listworthy, a screenwriter with at least one On Topic Film: Le Velo De Ghislain Lambert

No home/den/office is complete without these prints. You get a folder, a booklet and all the images are individual prints on reasonable weight card stock. All B&W and with simple white borders which are very easy to frame. It really is money well spent.


Ben Kamenjas
Bondi, Australia