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Date: Sun, 13 Nov 2005 15:35:39 +0000

Hi CR folks,

I will beg just the opposite. Unlike lust for Schwinn Paramounts, Raleigh Pro's, and the Italian Iron of our youth, most of us never knew these bikes even existed when we were young.

We aren't going back in time, but rather trying to move forward. For many of us, the ultimate cycling experience is often a long event ride. One where rain, darkness, change of temperature, and the need for food often come into play. Also, comfort is extrememly important. What gets you on a long ride is often a general feeling of fatique that accumulates from constant pounding over the course of the day.

Constructeur bikes address all these issues in a grand style. And the comfort of wide tires can be obtained with no loss in speed (for riders going about 20mph and not engaged in sprints, wide tires overall are likely to be faster than skinny tires which have HIGHER rolling resistance).

So its not fancy lugs, its not about being part of a trend, its about the best tool for the job. It just so happens that the job these bikes are best at, is the same job that most people mistakenly purchase ultra light race bikes to accomplish. They are buying the wrong tool. When this becomes more understood, contructeur type integrated bikes will gain the recognition they deserve.

Mike Kone in Boulder CO

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> After reading the Vintage Bicycle Quarterly article written by Peter Weigle,

\r?\n> I can only surmise that a portion of the bicycle market wants that "1966

\r?\n> Shelby Cobra with the 289 ci engine" that they missed out on because they

\r?\n> were too young, poor, not into it or high on weed.


\r?\n> Part art, part trend, part ride, part fit, the concept of the integration

\r?\n> and sum of the parts, and you can't just buy one at your LBS. Imagine- a

\r?\n> 650B , Weigle, Baylis, Mariposa, Gordon with handmade components with a 21st

\r?\n> century twist. -Wow!


\r?\n> I might be missing the boat here but that is my take.

\r?\n> Whoops the temp just popped 40F, gotta go ride.

\r?\n> Mike Schmidt

\r?\n> Stirling, NJ

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\r?\n> > Brian, could you give us some insights into your reasoning as to why

\r?\n> > constructuer bikes are the way of the future?

\r?\n> > Angel Garcia

\r?\n> > Verona, Italy

\r?\n> > snip:

\r?\n> >

\r?\n> > > my interest and attention have turned to randonnuer type bikes.

\r?\n> > > Brian Baylis

\r?\n> > > La Mesa, CA

\r?\n> > > I know it will take some time to take hold; but pay attention.

\r?\n> > > Constructuer bikes are the wave of the future!