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Subject: Re: [CR]Italian, English headset threading
Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2005 23:10:51 +0000

If I have this right,

British fits on Italian, but the reverse is awkward. At some point, headsets went ISO which fits both Italian and British fine.

Italian on British is very tight and ugly - not a good idea. But British on Italian? Loose but OK if you install just right and don't allow to work loose.

Mike Kone in Boulder CO

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> One more bit of confusion is added to the mix. I am now finding out

\r?\n> that even if one determines that a headset is of a certain era and

\r?\n> threaded (as all of the ones that we typically use here on this list),

\r?\n> one may still need to determine Italian or English threading. I have

\r?\n> checked a few of my headsets and they all seem to thread one on to the

\r?\n> other whether Italian bike, English, or Japanese. The Crowns seem to

\r?\n> measure 27 or so with my calipers on three forks I have here (without

\r?\n> the crown race of course). The question is do I really have to worry if

\r?\n> the threading is English or Italian when I search E-bay, since none of

\r?\n> the headsets I have have threading info stamped anywhere that I can

\r?\n> see, and few people even see fit to mention it in the descriptions?

\r?\n> Also one book I have says that only qualified experts can actually

\r?\n> select a proper headset for fit on any particular bike, and this book

\r?\n> was published before threadless headsets were even a twinkle in Japan's

\r?\n> eyes.


\r?\n> Garth Libre, not playing with a fully informed deck in Miami Fl.