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How many of you noticed he's got a tire hanging off the round bar on the bench. The tube is pulled out where he opened it up a couple of inches and he's probably drying the rubber cement to get sticky before putting the patch on. Years ago good patches weren't made much, and we used old innertubes, We cut a square out, tapered the edge and glued the patch down on a piece of metal then cleaned both the tire tube and the patch, glued each several times and when tacky stuck them together. Very thin patch, same stretch to patch and tube in tire, voila, good job, no bump. Ted Ernst Palos Verdes Estates, CA

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Pic of the Day 13 Feb 2005 Tubular Repair

It's an obscure but important job - a mechanique patches a tubular during the 1937 Paris 6-day race. From "Match" No.565, 13 April 1937.

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