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From: "Martin Appel" <>
Subject: Re: [CR](CR) Wooden rims
To: Jamie Swan <>, John Pergolizzi <>,,
Date: Wed, 02 Feb 2005 12:18:40 +0100
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On top of the altar, i should hope.

Martin Appel Munich, Germany Roman Catholic

Jamie Swan <> schrieb:
>OK, so are they made in the basement of the church?
>Jamie Swan, Northport, N.Y.
>> From: John Pergolizzi <>
>> Date: Tue, 01 Feb 2005 23:34:57 -0500
>> To:,
>> Subject: Re: [CR](CR) Wooden rims
>> Will,
>> This past July, while my wife Sally and I were in Italy, we were
>able to
>> take a day trip from Cernobbio on Lake Como to Ghisallo. It was
>> and just so happened to be on the day of the second to last stage of
>> female Giro D'Italia. WOW, that's timing! This event takes place
>durring The
>> Tour de France.
>> After visiting the Church where all the cycling stuff is, I spotted
>> guy walking around with a set of wooden rimed wheels. I approached
>and asked
>> as to their manufacture as a friend of mine in the U.S. had herd
>that they
>> were produced in the basement of the Church! The gentleman told me
>that I
>> should ask the manufacturer himself and proceeded to introduce me to
>> Giovanni Cermenati who just happened to be walking by. His company
>> Ghisallo" , makes "cerchi in legno per cicli" and is located at
>> Magreglio (Como), Via Adua, 40. Tel# 031/96.51.46 (you must add the
>> code).
>> The set of wheels was for the winner of the days stage which ended
>> the summit of the climb leading to The Church. A very long climb.
>The wheels
>> were built with modern Campagnolo hubs with 130 spacing!
>> Sig.Cermenati will build you whatever rims you need. You will need
>> spoke nipples and the wheels will be "soft"/ "spongy" ; as in very
>> absorbent.
>> After the stage, the riders entered the church to pay homage. The TV
>> crews caught it all and Sally and I were on RAI TV that night!
>> ciao,
>> GianTindaro Pergolizzi
>> Brooklyn, New York
>>> Hi! I saw these really nice looking wooden rims for sale on eBay #
>>> 7131419348.The brand is Ghisall and the owner says they're 1970's
>>> In all the pictures of vintage bikes you all have shown on the list
>in my
>>> year or so of subscribing, I've never seen wooden rims on any of
>>> bikes. Will you help answer the following questions?
>>> 1) what year were they really made?
>>> 2) were they hard to lace up and keep true?
>>> 3) what were they like to ride?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Will McKnight
>>> Whitehouse, Ohio