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Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2005 07:04:47 -0500
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I think these Campy cranks are very similar to an old FB/Magistroni design. They may even have been sourced from Magistroni. I had the FB with a Magistroni BB on my old Rossignoli, and I've seen them in Ebay photos of old Frejus and Legnano race-grade bikes (watching for my size!). I never measured (cared?) about the BCD(s), but mine had three little Y-shaped adapters that bolted the the three spider arms, and then accepted the pair of 6-hole chainwheels. I think my adapters were marked Simplex, and the chainwheels were either Simplex or TA. I'd be very surprised if Campy-marked parts didn't exist at some time.

My bike had a classic half-step pattern, so the chainwheel BCD was not small.

The Magistroni page, accessible from the CR Main website, has some history and pictures. I have seen the adapters on Ebay from time to time.

Ken Freeman Ann Arbor, MI

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TA and Nervar made similar three arm cotterless cranks in that era. It's just possible they all had the same BCD, which would make the number of usable rings out there greater.


Jerry Moos Houston, TX.

dddd <> wrote: Richard Cielec wrote:

I have a Campag., alloy, three arm crank, compleat - dumpster find, actually, attached to an Ishiwata tubing Trek. Are rings difficult to find, either Campag or after market? What model is this? The Gran Sports I've seen are 5 arm.

>>> It sounds like an earlier Gran Sport crank, as was fitted to the early-70's Raleigh Competition. I can remember wanting one of those. Chainrings? You've gotta be kidding, tho someone here might have something. Many of these cranks probably have narrow range gearing, so you'd be lucky to turn up a 52-42. Which ring do you need?

David Snyder