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Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2005 16:41:32 GMT
Subject: Re: [CR]1970s Colnago Super Dating

Dave and all,

I'm sure there are lots of variations of Colnagos for any given period. I have seen a few "oddities" myself; my'74 Colnago Super has no fork tangs at all! First one I've ever seen. I had a '74 Super that had clubs cutout of the bottom head lug AND the seat lug! None in the top head lug. An oddball. Maybe the only one. It should only have the lower head lug cutout, but this one slipped through with a stray cutout seat lug. Bike has original paint, so I know it's a '74. All the regular details match otherwise, also.

I know there are variations. That's why we love these babys. The charm and uniqueness of the production handmade product. The graphics and the paint colors on Colnagos were my favorite, not to mention the pantagraphing that begins arounf '72.

Brian Baylis La Mesa, CA REALLY gotta go now. This Colnago is tugging at me.

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