[CR]RE: Stop this Outragous shipping Thread!!

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Date: Mon, 07 Feb 2005 21:09:56 +0000
Subject: [CR]RE: Stop this Outragous shipping Thread!!

I can't take this much longer...

I'm adding to the banter, but shouldn't we be re-named the ebay rendezvous list where we spend all our time discussing pet peaves on shipping practices and devot our time to outing pain in the neck buyers and sellers?

Come on - I just checked and I had 49 messages and 18 were about shipping charges?

If this is what we like, maybe Dale has the CR seminars all wrong - maybe we should get a rep from ebay, a few folks from the local UPS store, and someone from the post office to chat about shipping.

Despite the list's popularity, I know folks who won't join precisely because of this silliness.

It isn't that we shouldn't be warned about bad sellers/buyers/confusing tactics. We should - but within limits. Steven Maslands original post (I'd have been upset too) was worthy of a bit of discussion, and Peter's post was within reason. But why so many responses to it?Does everyone need to put their two cents in but everthing (OK, like I'm doing here)?

Mike "going crazy" Kone in Boulder CO

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> One time I paid to much, and the seller put a dollar in with the item.

\r?\n> Now that's cool. So I left a hell of a feedback.

\r?\n> Then, I had the chance to be cool, so when I sold a item that I thought

\r?\n> had a CD ROM inside, but it didn't ( because I didn't want to break the

\r?\n> factory seal to look), I send a full refund, and told the lady to keep

\r?\n> the item. She was very new to eBay, and I didn't want to discourage her.



\r?\n> george argiris

\r?\n> san diego, ca


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\r?\n> Peter,

\r?\n> This also is a pet peve of mine and is getting to be more the "norm" the

\r?\n> last year or two. Unfortunately it is not limited to Ebay! It is abused

\r?\n> by a few sellers (one in particular) who post here on the CR list.

\r?\n> Take an item that the postage is clearly marked on the envelope $1.06

\r?\n> and then charge your credit card (without permission because they kept

\r?\n> in on file for over a year) for $8.00 And then were too cheap to send it

\r?\n> USPS Priority, usually about 10 cents more than 1st class, Anyway!


\r?\n> Other than personally black listing the seller, what can you do? Really,

\r?\n> I'm interested in your opinion. Scott, I share your frustration, Ramsay

\r?\n> Kernersville, NC


\r?\n> Don't know if I'm too sensitive to this, but since

\r?\n> when does a shipper get paid for his labor on

\r?\n> shipping, and be able to profit on his shipping as

\r?\n> this Ebayer might.


\r?\n> Peter Naiman

\r?\n> Shorewood, WI