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Subject: Re: [CR] Collalbo bashing
Date: Wed, 09 Feb 2005 04:59:36 +0000

Folks: Let's not feed these trolls! ;-) For anyone that is still curious, just have a careful look at collalbo's feedback, and make your own informed decision. Greg Parker Ann Arbor, Michigan Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2005 22:24:37 -0500 From: Roman Kaniuga <> To: "Greg" <> Cc: Subject: Re: [CR]Collalbo bashing

I too am one of the "sleepers" to CR, I have been a non-active member for several years. I have also dealt with Peter on numerous occasions in the past and have received nothing but exceptional service on AND off Ebay from him. I have spoken to him on numerous occasions, having actually called him directly in Europe a few times. He has gone so much out of his way for me over the years that I find it impossible to believe that he has received the negative feedback he has from other purchasers on Ebay. Like Greg, he has sent me some of the most magnificent European/Italian/Belgian frames I have seen in my like, not to mention several that were owned by some of the top racers and world record-setters in the sport. I have followed some of the negative feedbackers to him; they always seem to be leaving negative feedback to other sellers as well. Gee I wonder if this is a coincidence?? I have spoken to Peter on several occasions and he indicated to me that there were some people out there that wanted the proverbial 'freebie", some that actually had the balls to try to re-negotiate a price AFTER they won an item for a specific price. That you won't hear from these skells, you just hear the negative crud they feel they are entitled to ooze out.

Over the years I have read some wonderful passages and have learned a lot from the members here, but to disseminate negativity about someone without experiencing it firsthand ("I heard about it from so and so" just don't count these days) is wrong. For those of you who MAY have felt you experienced some difficulties with him, maybe you should look deeply into whether you initiated a communication with him with some animosity in the first place based on what you may have heard from the unruly crowd. He is a very worthy European contact to have as far as I am concerned. He will continue to be a superb supplier of some of the topmost framesets for me. Collalbo or whatever else he calls himself now shouldn't be the target of a lynch mob. Try putting yourselves in his shoes sometime.

Roman Kaniuga On Feb 8, 2005, at 9:55 PM, Greg wrote:
> I'm one of the 'sleepers' out there that normally do not contribute to
> this forum, but I cannot sit back and cop the character assassination
> of Collalbo that seems to be a continuing thread. Firstly, I have
> never met him personally, I'm not his Dad or brother and I wouldn't
> fancy him if I was gay(I expect), - but I have had many dealings with
> Peter over a long time span and he has supplied me with some of the
> rarest and most beautiful pieces of Italian craftsmanship to leave
> Europe. All dealings have been straightforward, delivery has been what
> I have paid for, advice forthcoming, communications good and product
> usually much better than described. The deal is this with Collalbo -
> be straightforward, follow his terms, dont play games and you will be
> rewarded by having an expert on the ground in Europe to do the hard
> yards for you.
> The bad feedback on ebay, if you studied it and also asked Collalbo
> about it, came from punters who generally did not follow instructions,
> were too impatient (paying for snail mail and expecting o'night
> express) or did stupid things like drill seat stays and expecting
> refunds when frames failed.
> Copywrite laws and ownership of brand names knocked a lot of his
> product off ebay - and I know another trader unable to sell a ton of
> great gear due to some legal jock exercising a perceived right in an
> open market.
> Warnings are good about so called 'shonky traders' but please dont
> shoot from the hip before you know your target.
> Greg (dont call me Collalbo) Softley
> Hot, humid, tropical Coffs Harbour Australia