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I have to agree w/Greg on this one. Part of the problem w/cheap tubulars is that they use a butyl tube, where higher priced tubulars (generally costing >$60 each) use a latex tube. By riding a cheap tubular w/a butyl tube, you are not experiencing the nice, plush ride quality that is found w/a latex tubed tubular, and if you loose that quality, I just don't see any reason to ride tubulars. Not trying to be argumentative, but I'd rather ride clinchers than a $20 tubular.

Also, Greg is right on the money when he says cheap tubes flat less, as this is what I've found from my experience. I currently have a pair of Veloflex Criteriums on my everyday Erickson race bike and this set of tubulars have been mounted for 20 months now. These Veloflex tubulars are very, very nice. The Vittoria tubulars that Greg has for sale thru Bicycle Classics are also fantastic (hey, I bought a pair from Greg last week!). These are Italian-made tubulars (pre-Thailand mfg) and the quality can't be beat for the $$$. I raced on Vittoria tubulars for ages and they're an excellent riding tire, w/great reliability. Also of interest are the new DedaTre Olimipco tubulars, which look very tasty from what I've seen. I have a pair on order now, expecting them by this time next week. These have gum sidewalls, so they're very traditional looking, have a very high thread count to the cotton casing and will handle 160psi. Just what the doctor ordered, if you ask me.

Oh, and that tubular glue smells pretty damn good also......

Dave Patrick Chelsea, Michigan wrote: You should probably re-read my post.... ;-)

Greg Parker
Dexter, Michigan

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> I say, why ride a $119 tubular and flat, when you can ride a $16 tubular

\r?\n> and flat?

\r?\n> I've ridden training tubulars to the point of no more tread, they last!

\r?\n> Everything flats. I rather throw out my tire. If I ran $119 tires, I'd

\r?\n> feel like I had to repair them. So that's either going to add over all

\r?\n> cost to that tire, or your going to do the fix and end up with a lump in

\r?\n> your super expensive silk.


\r?\n> george argiris

\r?\n> san diego, ca


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\r?\n> I am still riding my racing equipment from the 80's and am reluctant to

\r?\n> make the switch from sew-ups to clinchers. However I have found that I

\r?\n> am now the only one with sew-ups in our training group. Riding sew-ups

\r?\n> never used to be a problem, because when I was racing, most of us

\r?\n> trained on sew-ups. We each only needed to carry one spare, and if

\r?\n> someone was unfortunate enough to flat twice on a ride, there were many

\r?\n> other spares to borrow. I still carry only a single spare sew-up, but I

\r?\n> find that after a flat and subsequent tire change, I am praying to the

\r?\n> cycling gods to get me home without another flat, because there are no

\r?\n> longer any other spares to borrow. Besides carrying two spares, or

\r?\n> making a sew-up repair on the road, are there any other options such as

\r?\n> that nasty goop that can be squirted into a tire to fix a flat from the

\r?\n> inside? I know there are others that still ride sew-ups in this group.

\r?\n> What measures do you take to protect against being stranded after

\r?\n> multiple flats?



\r?\n> Kevin Ko


\r?\n> Eugene, OR


\r?\n> Probably the most important thing to do IMO is not buy cheap tubulars.

\r?\n> They tend to have very short lifespans, and can often have an unpleasant

\r?\n> ride quality as well. Other than that, keep them properly inflated, and

\r?\n> watch what you ride through, but that's not always easy to do.... What

\r?\n> tires are you using, and how often do you flat? I use (and sell for

\r?\n> $119/pr.) NOS Italian-made Vittoria CG Squadre Prof (cotton, 255 g.)

\r?\n> tubulars, and as far as I am aware, everyone has had good luck with

\r?\n> those so far. In a current tire, the Veloflex Criterium (250 g.) and

\r?\n> Servizio Corse (210 g.) seem very nice indeed.... Greg Parker Dexter,

\r?\n> Michigan