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Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2005 18:33:37 +0100
From: "Bob Reid" <robertrreid@tiscali.co.uk>
To: Classic Rendezvous <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR]1953 & 1980s Flying Scots...

These are a few images of a frames I recently received from other Flying Scot owners.

http://www.flying-scot.co.uk/frame_pages/frame_165c.html (mapped)

What's of particular interest, is the braze-on hanger on the seat stays for centre-pull brakes shown in the second image. What the owner is asking is whether the braze-on fitting is original or a later addition (the frame has signs of more recent work done anyway).

My guess is the braze-on was added later. It's a 1953 frame and although centre-pull brakes were available, they don't appear, over here at least, to in this style as a braze-on till circa the late 1950s.

Anyone like to venture an opinion, or even identify what (brake) company supplied this style of bridge ? - Rattrays the builder seemed to use their own in-house manufactured bridges of curved tubular steel with no adjuster as shown here (albeit it is fitted upside down). This style is more reminiscent of those cheap bridges thrown in with the brakes by the manufacturer should the frame they were to be used on not have them.

The second set of images, relates to a 1980s frame. It's a lo-pro frame designed for time trials, specifically for one of the Scottish (National) champions. The question is - When did lo-pro frames become de-rigeur for the racing fraternity ? and to which European Pro do we have to thank for their (once) popularity. I've shown it as late 80s, but I've been told it could be much earlier.

http://www.flying-scot.co.uk/frame_pages/frame_4486.html (mapped)

If this frame pushes way beyond the 83' time limit, I'm sorry and and ask for offlist responses - for fear Dale withdraws my Gold Club Card...(I remember when there were so few people on the list, Chuck Schmidt referred himself to the archives on more than one time. :-)

Bob Reid Stonehaven Scotland

http://www.flying-scot.co.uk (mapped)