Re: [CR]1953 & 1980s Flying Scots...

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Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2005 15:00:29 -0800
From: "Chuck Schmidt" <>
To: Classic Rendezvous <>
Subject: Re: [CR]1953 & 1980s Flying Scots...
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Bob Reid wrote:
> (snip)
> If this frame pushes way beyond the 83' time limit, I'm sorry and and
> ask for offlist responses - for fear Dale withdraws my Gold Club
> Card...(I remember when there were so few people on the list, Chuck
> Schmidt referred himself to the archives on more than one time. :-)

OKay, I admit to dipping back into the archives on more than one occasion, driven by sheer boredom with the direction the list has taken at times.

This guy has the right stuff though:

Chuck Schmidt South Pasadena, CA