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"I'm convinced that nearly all the PX-10's raced back then were exactly that. It was only a handful of stars like Merckx and Tom Simpson who demaded and got repainted Masis."

And of course both did win victories on plain 'ol PX-10s when they were young and didn't know any better! Was not Simpson to have joined the Salvarini Team for the '68 season? Maybe that explains his interest in Italian machines? The famous photo of him minutes before his death is revealing: the Masi frame is sans headbadge (so they didn't cheat there!) and it's fitted with Mafac "Racer" brakes.

I am convinced there were riders who took a great interest in their machines (indeed consider the number who dabbled to varying degress of success in starting their own cycle companies) and just as many, if not more, who rode what they were given. I suspect the stock PX-10s that wer e used were indeed stock to the point they varied only in frame size. I ad mit I have a inclination to more admire pros who win victories with the same tools as their team mates or indeed competitors. It's at least reaffirmi ng the "It's Not the Bike" credo that so many here hold to whilst, interestingly, worshipping the custom made bike!

Peter Kohler Washington DC USA

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