[CR]WTB: #TTT Stem and Mavic hubs - Some Lance vs. Eddy thoughts

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From: "Michael Wilkinson" <M4Campy@aol.com>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2005 09:52:56 -0600
Subject: [CR]WTB: #TTT Stem and Mavic hubs - Some Lance vs. Eddy thoughts

I am looking for a 3 ttt stem in 10cm, 10.5cm, 11cm flavors. Stamped 3TTT or Record. Also, I have been looking for some Mavic track hubs 32 hole or 28 hole.

As far as the Lance vs. Merckx thing. Lance IS the most tested athlete out there. And he has endured a skeptical european press hell bent on proving that there is no way he can do what he has done without having some sort of enhancement. Well, they are correct. Enhancements to his spirit, style, physique, tactics, training, guts, etc. The guy just trains and prepares better for Le Tour better than anyone else.

Yes, it's a different game. And comparing different eras is very hard to do due to advances in training, nutritition and technology... VO2 max or resting heart rate or wattage can be used as an argument. If you are going to compare eras though you have to ask the what if question. What if Merckx had raced now at his peak? Trained like Lance, ate like Lance, rode what Lance rode. That is almost as impossible to answer as the what if Lance raced in Merckx's era with the same access to all those things Merckx had. Hell, in Merckx's era we would not even have him to cheer for because he would not have beat cancer!

What is on my wall? Merckx in the garage and a soon to be framed Armtrong "Bustin my butt" poster in minty fresh condtion. Now, before we all get collectively booted from the list let's get back to talking about bikes. Oh, and if people are interested in comparing acomplishments and not eras or riders check out:

http://cyclinghalloffame.com/ http://cyclinghalloffame.com/

Mike "Ready for a ride where I will drop Lnace and Merckx about half way up the wall" Wilkinson Castle Rock, CO