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Date: Mon, 4 Jul 2005 08:28:39 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Dale B. Phelps" <losgatos_dale@yahoo.com>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
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Subject: [CR]Re:Conduct

This thread and the "confusion" about "what happened" is a perfect example of how challenging this medium can be. American vernacular (eg "+/-£10) can sound to an UK-english-speaking person as if one were asking "do you add £10 for handling."

I've learned the hard way (through Doctor Browns admonitions) that mine own signature witticisms are lost on some foks, who can (and often do) take offense and then (often enough) lodge a complaint with the listowner. Efforts at resolving confusion though (m'thinks" need to be done off-list, add a thousand potentially different perspectives (each of which of course are convinced THEY are "right") too often adds to the confusion and we get spun up in a much-ado-about-not-much fashion.

Makes me crazy, for (after all) if everyone else just listed to "me", everyone else would be happier (and, I confess....I would be too) !


Dale Phelps, Longmont CO

Retrofan531 <Retrofan531@allegiance.tv> wrote:

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From: "Mick Butler"

To: Sent: Monday, July 04, 2005 5:47 AM Subject: [CR]Ungentlemany Conduct From fellow List Members

> Hello everyone,
> Just take a look at these emails. I have been recently made unemployed, we
> are struggling like hell to keep a roof over our heads and to cap it all I
> have my sons difficulties to deal with plus schooling problems for him.
> This Claud Butler frame was offered very reasonably for someone to enjoy
> and money was to pay Marks special needs horse riding fees for the next
> fortnight.
> Now we have a word for people like this in the British Cycling Fellowship it
> starts with the same letter as that famous London maker Waller and has the
> same amount of letters.
> This is the sort of person who drove me off the list last time, countles
> pictures asked for, scans makers queries etc. I wouldn't mind if I was
> trying for mega bucks but I answer everyones questions freely even send the
> stuff free of charge and I get dumped on.
> Probably lost a genuine sale through this person why because he wanted to
> picture gawp.
> From: Warren & Elizabeth
> >To: Mick Butler
> >Subject: Re: [CR]1950 Claud For Sale
> >Date: Sun, 03 Jul 2005 14:54:25 -0400
> >
> >Hi Mick...I'd be delighted!!
> >
> >Hows my luck?
> >
> >Warren in Toronto
> Mick, it looks fine...two questions, is that seat
> tube 55 c-t-c? And how about the top tube,
> although that matters less.
> I ask because 54 to 55 is the limit I can ride and
> I've got all the parts to make this a nice rider
> so its gotta fit. And is that straight guage
> Reynolds or butted?
> Or if you have a web size image of the catalogue
> page scan handy...
> Thanks...
> Warren
> Ok Mick, last question...can you estimate
> shipping? Plus or minus £10

Folks, I guess I am missing something. Looks to me from the e-mail that the potential buyer is politely asking for information regarding size and shipping and would like to have a picture of the item if it is available.

I would not want someone to purchase from me, nor would I want to purchase from someone, without knowing the answer to these questions or others one might have. I prefer there to be no opportunity for misunderstanding by either party so that we can have a successful transaction.

I have been involved in hundreds of bike transactions, as have many of you all, and questions seem to be part and parcel of that. If you choose not to provide additional information, then post that in your ad as "no further information or pictures available, sold as described". If you don't want to answer additional questions about size or shipping, be as detailed as possible and include those details in your listing.

If you are not willing to answer a potential buyer's questions, and don't want to provide lots of details in the listing, and if you are truly this put out with someone asking for more information, you might consider not offering items for sale. I love buying and selling bike frames and seeing new and different stuff, and hearing from buyers who enjoy what they have received, but I also understand and enjoy the expected exchanges with folks during the process.

For most of us this is a wonderful hobby and interest, albeit one we are passionate about, but if selling became the nuisance and cause of frustration you have expressed in your posting to the list it would give cause for me to consider not selling anymore. It might also give cause for me to evaluate my overall stress level as this one e-mail seems to have set off more emotion that its contents would allow.

Frank Phillips McAlester, OK


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