Re: [CR]Lambert/ Viscount ...results of completely unscientific and probably irrelevant poll

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Date: Fri, 29 Jul 2005 16:15:21 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]Lambert/ Viscount ...results of completely unscientific and probably irrelevant poll

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> If we extend that to all the people we've known or heard reliable
> reports about, and all the Lambert/Viscounts we've seen come through all
> the bike shops we've visited/worked at, do we still have zero busted
> death forks? 
> Zero for me by those standards (I think), and I worked at a large shop
> that sold quite a few, from early lugged Lamberts right through to the
> end of Yamaha.
> Hi, Mark,

There is one real personal expereince, one of our member Joe B-ze,,(sorry spelling). hey, where is our JOE?, he told me that he run into a back of a car at ver low rate of speed but the fork gave up, ball bearing flew out everywhere. It was more surprise to him than a life threatining expereice..

Meanwhile, I and Dave Van Hook were discussing a long time ago, he has three

bikes, and I have one of each originnal Lambert(with AL fork) and later Viscount (with new T-fork). We came in couclusion as his notes;

<< partial quate, I'm certainly not THE AUTHORITY on these bikes...I simply believe they wer e (are) really good machines, really in a class by themselves in terms of design, engineering and marketing for the period.   Unfortunately, that "death f ork" issue was blown way out of proportion to any real danger, in my opinion.  I feel that they are under-rated or at least under-appreciated compared to those that we generally discuss on the list.  <<< end.

I think he is the most knowedgeble person in CR about Lamber-Viscount history!

Have a great weekend!

KEN TODA, High Point, NC