Re: Gitane vs Peugeot, was Re: [CR]question about peugeots, px-10's

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Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2005 21:33:56 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Fred Rafael Rednor" <>
Subject: Re: Gitane vs Peugeot, was Re: [CR]question about peugeots, px-10's
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> When are we going to hear from the Mercier > and Lejeune camps? Peter, What do you want to hear about LeJeune? That the correct spelling is LeJeune? That the LeJeune frames were made "somewhere in France" and shipped to the "factory" in Maisons-Alfort for paint and assembly? That sometimes the details were a bit rough, although the overall appearance was very appealling? That despite the rough paint, the ride/geometry was always spot on? That after reading "A Year In The Merde" (please see my other email) I finally understand my visit to LeJeune in 1983? Please forgive me, Peter, I couldn't control myself. I love those LeJeunes - and I own two of them - but I have no illusions about them. I'll tell you this, though. I still race a circa 1976 LeJeune track bike and rode 10 laps (30 miles) on it the other day at Hains Point in D.C. It actually is quite a comfortable bicycle. Cheers, Fred Rednor - Arlington Virginia (USA)

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