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Subject: Re: Gitane vs Peugeot, was Re: [CR]question about peugeots, px-10's
Date: Sun, 31 Jul 2005 18:20:04 -0400

This is indeed a revelation that all those top-notch Italian racing bikes c. 1960 (I didn't say 1940 but who cares) to 1980 were loaded with French or other non Italian bits. If folks here have Italian machines from this period with stock French made derailleurs, rims, hubs, seat posts, stems, handlebars and other essential bits (if you want to include disposables like bar tape, bar plugs and saddles, I think you're fishing a bit but fine...), do let us know. As Chuck Schmidt told us even the 1950s Italian racing machines with Simplex gears, these were of Italian manufacture.

Of course some Italian machines did have Reynolds tubing. But how many?? Cinellis with Reynolds are considered unusual if not exceptional are they not?

And if Jack or others doubt there were indeed ALL Italian bicycles, they might well look at what's in my bedroom right now. An all Italian Cinelli complete with broken Cinelli stem. And it's stock componentry, too. Columbus tubing, Fiamme rims, Campagnolo components, Cinelli stem and bars etc. Surely I am not the only one with an all Italian bike?? Oh the new tyres are Vittorias but Thai made. That's because they are new. I could have spent more and put on Veloflex Criteriums of course.

So it may be "jingoistic crap" but I wasn't the one who spec'd this and the vast majority of Italian racing bikes of the period. I am not sure I'd call it crap (I thought we all liked Italian bikes here?!) but clearly jingoistically and definably Italian.

Peter Kohler
Washington DC USA