Re: [CR]Vintage, Bobbish, KOF, Fixed Gear Ride North of Baltimore on Saturday, July 16

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Date: Tue, 05 Jul 2005 14:15:04 -0400
From: "Daniel Artley" <>
To: <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Vintage, Bobbish, KOF, Fixed Gear Ride North of Baltimore on Saturday, July 16

Just a reminder that I've got a vintage ride going off Saturday after next. A good number of people are already coming, there should be some nice bikes and the ride is pretty. Please RSVP if you're coming to give me a proper head count. Here's basically the original posting:
>>> "Daniel Artley" <> 06/09/05 9:46 AM >>> I'm hosting a bike ride and get together at my house in Parkton, North of Baltimore, on Saturday, July 16. The ride should go off around 10:00 am with people invited to show up early. I'll be doing hot dogs on the grill, have some beer and sodas and a few sides. People are welcome to bring some kind of pot luck if they wish.

Bring your classic bike(s), Bobbish, Fixed Gear or Keeper of the Flame. And if you do have a few classics, bring more than one. It'll be safe during the ride, and there will be people who appreciate seeing them. We'll spread 'em out on the lawn and deck after the ride. You might wish to bring bike stands. I'd recommend the fixed ride to strong riders or low gears, and for those on multi speed bikes not used to hills, a pretty low gear. The roads are familiar to the local racers, so gear accordingly.

This year's ride will be a different route than last year, a bit easier, around 25 miles, and what Ken Sanford describes as fixed gear "unfriendly". It's as easy as I can get it and still be on quiet roads, but it really is pretty hilly around here. The ride's a bit over 25 miles with approximately 1200 feet of climb. The steeper hills are pretty short and there are more grade breaks early in the ride, but the scenery really is worth it!!! Northern Baltimore County has some of the prettiest riding anywhere. The last few miles are pretty easy and that the climb at the beginning last year is this year's finish. I recommend brakes on your fixer, but that's really up to you.

I'm expecting a social pace, but the group always seems to split up. The cue sheet will be a bit more descriptive this year for those not using bike computers or cyclometers.

The Tour de France will be on the tube as well with the first stage of the Pyrenne's on tap. From the Tour's website: "Phase Three commences with a hard stage on Saturday, July 16, from Agde to Ax-3 Domaines via the Port de Pailheres and finishes atop the Plateau de Bonascre, where Colombia Felix Cardenas won in 2001."

Please RSVP off list to let me know how many people to expect, so that I can plan accordingly. And I can send directions for anyone who wishes, Mapquest is notorious for screwing it up when coming from the south of us. This is our third get together in July now and they've been a blast. Hope you can come!

Keep those wheels spinning!

Dan Artley
Parkton, Maryland