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Subject: Re: [CR]Rare (to me anyway) J Moyne hub

for what its worth -

the freehub body and rounded-octagonal hole drop-on sprockets are identical to the "tour de france" type j. moyne freewheel.

these freewheels had a 1 or 2 cog stack threaded small cog, which served as a lockring for the other 3 cogs and their accompanying spacers. the idea was that you could then disassemble your freewheel for spoke removal or gear changes, without taking the freewheel body off.

as a freewheel, these hubs have a special set of 2 "wrenches" which slip on over the largest (inner) cog, and lock 2 opposing notches on the portion of the freewheel body on which the cogs stack in parallel to 2 similar notches on the portion of the freewheel body that is threaded on to the hub. once this is done, you can use a chain whip to remove the entire freewheel.

however, peters hub looks different to me - i dont see the removal notches on the back of what appears to me to be a freehub body - and there is a lockring instead of an outer threaded cog "cap".

overall, the moyne tour de france fw is a pretty nifty one, and the octagonal body is an interesting alternative to more typical splines in this application...


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