Re: [CR] Stopping fixed-gear bikes

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From: "Pete Geurds" <>
To: "classicrendezvous" <>
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Subject: Re: [CR] Stopping fixed-gear bikes
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2005 15:20:54 -0400

From: "ternst" <> Subject: Re: [CR] Stopping fixed-gear bikes

> Remember to get the correct pressure on the tire with the glove one has to
> press against the inside of the handlebar using it as a fulcrum.
> At first, it hurts a little, then you toughen up and don't even notice it.
> Of course one could always wedge a their shoe sole in back of the fork and
> push down on the tire, too.
> Ted Ernst

Holy cow! It can't be that hard to find a suitable fork so as to properly mount a front brake. As an alternative (and I'm oversimplifying I know), if you find a track bike with no brakes and you live near a track why not take it there to ride? If it's a road bike conversion, it just seems silly not to have two brakes. Sorry if this causes bike and/or rider to look less cool.

Pete Geurds
Douglassville, Pa