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I was looking at the old logo clips I have and noticed they are also labeled 'Christophe Special', all in a line with the lower edge of the C extending the full length of the label. These clips are obviously size Med although unlike the newer clips they have no size stamped on the bottom. I also have clips, size large (marked so) with 'special' included in the label. My XL clips have an 'x' after the word special to identify them as XL.

Having read all the posts about Christophe clips in the past I too believed the word 'special' denoted large clips but with all sizes in front of me now, I see this is not the case. At least in the newer logo clips.

BTW, feel free to post this to the CR page. Maybe someone more knowledgeable than I can explain.

Regards, Rich
Jacksonville, NC

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> New or old logo?? BTW, Christophe Special denoted XL...
> Thanks,
> Matt
> Christophe Special, made in France, chromed steel in Small, Med,
> Large, and ExLarge - $10.00 each plus shipping.