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I believe Jobst Brandt, whose essays can be accessed from Sheldon's site, m ade the claim that punctures occur on first contact. This debate will neve r rest until some enterprising researcher conducts a series of tests to see how effective each method was.

A bicycle with a rider of consistent weight (no eating or drinking or sweat ing during the test) will ride a bike through a passage of broken glass equ al to one circumference of the tire. Multiple passes with a nail-puller, a glove wipe, and with nothing at all w ill be made. The bike stops five wheel rotations after the end of the glass where the ti re will be inspected for leaks.

Although I was a glove wiper I would imagine that the nail puller would be more effective as it wipes right away while I'm always a tire revolution to o late. The glove wipe technique is based on the idea that I can remove a shard after it has failed on both initial contact and one or two revolution s afterward. And since I only wipe one wheel at a time the second wheel r otates quite a few times before I wipe it.

I suspect Jobst is right but his argument is conjecture and my own experie nces are based on my sometimes fallible memory.

Michael Kahrl Columbus, Ohio

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