[CR]You can help: Golden Age distribution

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Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2005 17:52:30 -0700
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
From: "Jan Heine" <heine93@earthlink.net>
Subject: [CR]You can help: Golden Age distribution

CR listmembers,

Thank you to all who have purchased our book "The Golden Age of Handbuilt Bicycles." Sales have been good, and we know we will break even eventually. So we may even contemplate future books some day...

We now offer the book to bike shops and bookstores at wholesale prices. This allows us to reach an audience that does not read this list, the Rivendell Reader, Vintage Bicycle Quarterly, etc., but who will like the book once they see it on the shelf.

The initial response has been great: All shops I have contacted so far were happy to learn about the book and placed orders - they are looking for good products to sell. And the first few shops who have been selling the book locally have moved quite a few without problems.

But we need to reach more bookstores and bike shops. And listmembers know best which are the quality shops that sell our type of stuff. If you have a good independent bike shop or bookstore in town, you can help, by either:

- if you have the book, show it to the owner/buyer and tell them to contact us (heine93@earthlink.net) if they would like to place an order. Or point them to our web site http://www.vintagebicyclepress.com

- or simply tell me (heine93@earthlink.net) who might be interested in selling the book (shop name, phone No., name of owner/buyer if you know). I'll contact them and we'll go from there.

For those who do not know about our book, check out our web site at http://www.vintagebicyclepress.com

Thank you for your help.

Jan Heine, Seattle
Vintage Bicycle Quarterly
c/o Il Vecchio Bicycles
140 Lakeside Ave, Ste. C
Seattle WA 98122