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Hilary, Correct me it I am wrong, but Raleigh, on their Record Ace, had black

rims the year it first came out in 1934. I an not sure whether this were done by anodizong or some other process. Edward Albert Chappaqua, NY

The RRA had black rims for most of its pre-war production run not just 1934. I believe, however, these were stove-enamelled Dunlop lightweight steel rims not an anodised finish. With black frame and black celluloid covered 'bars, these were decidely black bikes except for the Dunlop "racing red" tyres and matching handlebar grips. And to my eye, supremel y elegant looking it for it. Racing kit in those days was all-black too. The only light relief being the cream-coloured celluloid mudguards. It's amazing to see the transformation after the war in British lightweights.

Black was decidely out and no country painted their bikes in more colourfu l and wild schemes than the British.

Peter Kohler Washington DC USA

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