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Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2005 02:30:27 GMT
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I was there! I went down the steep decent first, the tandem was back a ways. Once at the bottom our group waits for everyone to regroup, as a rule. We waited a few minutes and then I decided to go back up to look for them. Only a few yards from the bottom of this steep hill I stopped as I saw them comming down slowly and on the brakes. I asked if they were OK, and both of the m shouted together, "NO!!" Rob was still gripping the front brake as they approached a 90 degree turn that terminated in the end of the decent and flat ground. Only a few yards from flatness the front tyre blew as several of us watched Rob expertly bring her to a safe stop while he an Christine planted feet on the ground, skidding a little on the cleats as usual. Scary situation. Everyone safe, but brake pads did not hold up, I suspect maybe from age.

So Doug, it really did happen. I stood there as the tyre gave out with a resounding report. Stuff REALLY does happen out here in the wild WEST!

Brian Baylis La Mesa, CA Never having done it, but I can imagine, crashing on a tandem probably isn't really fun.

-- Doug Wagner wrote:

In addition to my vintage singles, Cheri and I ride an (OT) tandem; there has been much comment and speculation on the Tandem@Hobbes site this week about a supposed brake/tire failure on a vintage tandem that happened(?) on this ride. Aparently the rear center-pull brake failed, front center-pull brake over-heated the rim and the tire blew. Much speculation about type of bike, brake, age of Matthauser brake shoes, tire size& condition, hill steepness etc. NObody acctually saw this occurrance however. Was "any of you dere?" who would care to comment?

Doug Wagner


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