Re: [CR]Ron Sherit's CB tandem.

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Subject: Re: [CR]Ron Sherit's CB tandem.
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Date: Mon, 08 Aug 2005 14:26:06 -0700

Mark, Talk about bowling me a googly! This is not a recognized Road Record Association record its not on their books. It is a Welsh Road Record Association record and its their equivalent of our End to End. You will need one of their old handbooks to get the times, sorry can't help on this one

On Mon, 8 Aug 2005 21:02:54 +0100, "Mark Stevens" <> said:
> Hi, a question essentially for Mick. I recently acquired a Claud Butler
> tandem , built in 1948 by Bill Gray. It was built for Ron Sherit of the
> Redmon CC. Ron, with stoker Pat Wright broke the RRA record from Holyhead
> to
> Cardiff in, I believe, 1951 on this bike. Ron had overhauled it in the
> 70's
> and had used 70's Claud Butler stickers. These were in a state when I
> bought
> it and I plan to fit period CB transfers but not repaint it. It has Ron's
> name on the toptube. Mick, do you have any more info on this record,
> time,
> distance, weather etc? When Bill was still alive he lent me one of his
> frame building record books and I took copies including the entry for
> this
> frame.
> Mark Stevens Evanton Ross-shire