[CR]NO CAMERA'S? but why? revisited

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From: <DonWalkerCycles@aol.com>
Date: Mon, 8 Aug 2005 22:46:18 EDT
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]NO CAMERA'S? but why? revisited

Ok, the fallout from pissed off folks has me pissed off to the n'th degree. Its rather simple. A builder had some pics from the last show end up on a porn site. This did NOT make him very happy. He isnt in the porn business, he makes bikes. After talking with him again this afternoon he said " i make bikes, not porno's, its not that I have anything against porn, but my bikes dont belong with that stuff." Now, if anyone else was promoting this show they would do the same thing. Regardless if you have 99% of the other builders ok with their stuff on a porn site, if 1 builder is upset that it happened, then I need to take the steps to make sure it cant happen again.

I have had 1 wingnut go so far as to call me arrogant because of this...and if anyone truly knows me, they know I am anything but.

Richard Sachs, Brian Baylis, Paul Sadoff, and many more of these builders are not only my colleagues, but my friends. I value their opinions as well as advice, whether or not I agree with it. They all understood my intentions with this and had no problems with what I am trying to accomplish.

If you cant live with the rules that I have set forth, then dont attend. Sure, I would love to have you all there, but the rules are what they are and thats the bottom line. This is a tough job organizing this event and I know that there is no way to please everyone, so I do what I feel is the right/best thing to do.

I am sorry if this upsets you all, but I have alot of builders that rely on me to do the right thing. I truly am sorry some of you want to boycott the show for your own reasons of not being able to take pics, but ask yourself honestly, what is better...a show that you cant take pics at, or no show at all.

I hope you see my point.

DW PS to the dude who called me arrogant, call me at home and lets talk and you will change your opinion of me. My number is on my website.