[CR]Camera talk from Richard Sachs

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Date: Tue, 9 Aug 2005 12:55:55 EDT
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Subject: [CR]Camera talk from Richard Sachs

Richard Sachs Fwded this to me for use on the list. The fallout from this camera rule has been overwhelming. I will no longer reply on the subject. I am too tired of wasting my time with this nonsense of people not accepting the rules. If you cannot deal wit h it, dont email me. I dont want to hear about it again. I have fwded an email from Paul himself, and Brian Baylis has even come to my defense. What is so hard to understand about my rule and reasoning behind it? ( please dont think this is an opportunity to email me) Here is what Richard Sachs had to say on the issue.
>>> http://www.goodrichpromotions.com/index.html these are the shows my wife exhibited at during most of the 90s and up to 2 years ago. i just spoke with them to verify - cameras are not allowed unless one has an official press pass. you want to exhibit with style, raise the bar, and have an austere setting in which one's tactile and visual senses can be exercised instead of one's electronic gadgetry? no cameras. spend the time absorbing the wares rather than trying to archive what is there. experience it. e-RICHIEĀ©\u2122Ā®