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Date: Tue, 9 Aug 2005 10:28:20 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Ted E. Baer" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Re: Porn bikes/saddle sniffing
To: greg arnold <>,
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> DW wrote:
> Saddle sniffing perhaps?

With regard to saddle sniffing, I do have one memory from about 25 years ago.

I was working at this bike shop here in Palo Alto. One day this "nuts and twigs--save the whales--free Tibet" hippie chick came strolling through the door. She walked straight up to a brand new Raleigh 3-spd with a Brooks leather (spring style) saddle, took a huge whiff, let out a (soothing to her senses) "Ahhhhhhhhh," abruptly turned around and walked right out the door. We had thought we'd seen everything.

Different topic:

One time these two "Star Trek-esque" balding guys came in at about 11:00am with their back-packs, sandals, etc. They mused around the stored for a while until they found an old used Motobecane for sale. These Bozos parked themselves on the filthy, non-carpeted floor--one on each side of the Motobecane. They were speaking to each other through the main triangle of the frame. They started off by discussing the bike itself. When noon rolled around, they pulled out rice-cakes, bananas, and soy milk for "lunch on the bike store floor."

They finished eating and continued discussion of the $80.- Motobecane. I clearly remember one remark regarding "how many times" the little leaded cable ends (on the derailleur and brake wire ends) had been crimped. At one point (about 3:00pm by now) one of the guys was laying on his back on the floor whilst the other continued with the nit-picking of the bicycle.

We did ask them several times if they were interested in the bike, if they wanted to test ride the bike, etc. They kept saying, "No, we're fine."

It's 5:30pm now and one guy is eating raisins and his partner is nibbling on trail-mix. We told them the shop would be closing in thirty minutes. They stayed 'till the bitter end. These two guys sat on a filthy shop floor discussing a Motobecane bicycle for 7 hours straight.

If memory serves me right, I was "sent home" early for unruly behavior because I was hiding behind a wall and rolling 1/4" ball bearings out to where those guys were sitting. Some would actually lightly hit them and they would pick up the bearings and start discussing those!

Ted E. Baer
Palo Alto, CA

--- greg arnold wrote:

> DW wrote:
> > 1 day after last years show, pics from the show of
> Paul Sadoffs bike were
> > on
> > a porn site. YES, a porn site.
> > This was not cool with Paul and my job is to make
> sure the builders have a
> > positive experience with this show.
> I just can't imagine HOW the bike was portrayed on a
> porn site - doesn't
> anyone else on the list wonder? Was it stripped of
> its parts? Perhaps down
> to the primer? BARE metal? Was there some human
> interaction? (Bikeality?)
> Saddle sniffing perhaps? Were any ball bearings
> exposed? God forbid - was
> the saddle removed revealing just a greased seat
> post? I wont start with the
> rims, I just hope fresh rubber tubulars were mounted
> properly -safe bike sex
> is important.
> OK - enough satire - though I am really curious
> about the porn bike :-) ...
> More importantly, the pics posted from the last meet
> peaked my interest to
> consider making the trip from NY to the show - the
> current sentiment
> inspires me to stay away. Guess that's what everyone
> else is saying too.
> Dales Circle de Cyclisme was incroyable this year
> because it was loose, and
> friendly, and informative, and wonderfully
> inclusive. With LOTS of sexy
> bikes for all to ogle and photograph. example:
> A special added feature was a very cost effective
> PROFESSIONAL photo set
> prepared by Ken Toda for everyone to have portraits
> snapped of their
> favorite steel steed (see my 69 Pogliaghi as
> example). It was delightful to
> participate in this, Ken is a classy guy, with a
> good team; and he's a great
> photographer - plus he mailed a collection of
> photos, several resolutions,
> on a CD a week later to my house in NY - all for a
> very reasonable fee.
> Seems that kind of service would satisfy the current
> complaints. As for the
> porn site - jeese I'm STILL curious!
> Best to all
> Greg Arnold NYC
> Oh - DW, don't forget to sign off properly!