[CR]Worth breaking a rule: eBay Herse outing

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Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2005 17:47:49 -0700
From: "Dan Kehew" <dan.kehew@gmail.com>
To: CR <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR]Worth breaking a rule: eBay Herse outing

So my personal rule is not to out eBay items, 'cause there's the possibility of setting listers against one another and stomping all over someone's bargain and whatever.

And then there's this eBay item, with more than 5 days to go, reserve not met, and a current high bid above four thousand -- we're into the rare air here and I believe all bets are off. This is where we watch the big boys go at it. Item number:


Description copy-pasted: Pair exceptionally rare 1964 Rene Herse bicycles, with consecutive numbers stamped on fork and derailleur bracket (81 64 and 82 64), matching parts and paintwork. All original parts, the bikes haven't been ridden much and the working parts are in excellent unworn condition. It is extremely rare to find a perfect matching pair of RH bicycles, in this condition and 100 % original it is a one in a lifetime chance... Exceptional condition paint on the men's bike, the paint on the lady's mixte bike is not so perfect and will need a little touching in, still extremely nice. Size 58 cm for the men's bike, 51.5 for the mixte, measured from the middle of the bottom bracket to the top of the saddle tube. Brooks saddle RH stem RH double chain wheel 46/28 RH cranks RH racks with special protections on the back to stop the bags slipping Huret Allvit Luxe derailleurs RH screws and bolts through out Mafac cantilever brakes and levers Lyotard pedals and Christophe clips Soubitez ball front light, Cibie back, Jos dynamo Maxicar hubs with Bell wing nuts Sonnett Weinmann 650 B rims with labels Lefol Le Paon mudguards Original blue and gold paint If the bikes don't reach reserve price, I will be prepared to separate them and accept offers, or put them on eBay separately. A lot more photos are available on request or visible at http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/alexbicycles/my_photos

Dan again: Wow. Gotta check my lotto tickets again. Right size, right ... heck, right everything. Just right.

No, this time I'll just have to sit by with my popcorn and watch the price rise.

Dan Kehew
Davis, CA