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Subject: Re: [CR] Mystery eBay frame
Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2005 04:28:40 +0000

Date: Sun, 18 Sep 2005 15:45:24 -0700 (PDT) From: Thomas Adams <> To: Subject: [CR]Mystery eBay frame<blah>

Here we have another lost soul in the bicycle world; it looks like a quality frame whose identity is lost in the sands of time. Seller deduces it's a Cinelli from the BB shell, but of course I doubt it. However it does look nice. Cast seat lug, Bocama (? The ones with the triangle cut outs) head lugs, Campy drops and semi sloping crown. English BB, so presumably an English or American bike, but not a Trek or Schwinn. Long fork tangs with 3 circular holes. I especially liked the nice borderless joint between the rear drops and chainstays. Can anyone venture a guess on the identity of this frame? I've asked seller for the seat post size, frame weight and whether the tubing is seamed.

Tom Adams, Shrewsbury NJ Pretty much CTS from that lousy photo, but looks like an IC seat lug. Vaguely looks like an '80s Woodrup, maybe, just a swag. Kinda sorta looks like my 61 cm 1983 Woodrup Giro Touring. Shouldn't be a 26.8 post in that case, though. Maybe somebody smashed the lug around a 26.8 at some point - anything would be possible given the current condition! Greg Parker Ann Arbor, Michigan