Re: [CR]No Ross Signature opinions?

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Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2005 21:56:04 -0400
From: "John T.Pergolizzi" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]No Ross Signature opinions?
To: "Joe Bender-Zanoni" <>, "Classic Rendezvous" <>
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Joe Bender-Zanoni wrote: "Is it possible that no one wants to venture an opinion?"

Don Giuseppe, O.K., ya really wanna hear it huh? Ain't a signature. Not no way, not no how. IMHO anyway. The domed style at the stay ends ain't anything I ever scene on a Kellogg built anything. I remember building up a red road and a white track Ross Signatures back in the day (1980?) and man o man a shevitz WOW! I would take either or both right now. All they needed were chrome faces on the dropouts to be PERFECT. Called Tom about that and he said that there was no chromer in the area. The frames would have to be sent out and it would be too complicated. Think watcha like, I want you to be happy. Ask Swan, he worked down there for a while. Swan, Swan? SWAN, you out there? Next week Joe, you and I will have a little talk about Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.


John T.Pergolizzi
Brooklyn, New York