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Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2005 15:05:53 -0700

Enjoyed your fixed gear post. How about sharing what gear ratio or front and rear tooth combo you're using along with average geography or terrain you normally ride on. That would help a lot of riders / list members who are not familiar with riding a fixed gear what to expect and whether to try it or not. Ted Ernst Palos Verdes Estates, CA

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> Hi Sam..yes, I've been riding one almost daily for the
> past year (currently a 1942 Claud Butler with a
> hideous paint job) you I built it up thinking
> I'd ride it once a week or so, but once I got used to
> realizing I could no longer coast, I have found it has
> become highly addictive and I end up riding it the
> majority of the time (both my off-topic aluminum frame
> bikes have been languishing unused lately). Honestly,
> I can't say that it is any harder than riding a geared
> bike...sure, it's harder going uphill, but on the
> downhills I end up pedalling so fast that I actually
> feel better after a legs feel supple rather
> than tired... maybe I'm just weird though. I must say
> that most of these young guys with shaved legs on
> $2000-3000 bikes look at me like I'm dirt when they
> see what I'm riding, but I like to think they change
> their mind when I stay up with them :^)
> one other thing...when I first started I tried to stay
> on the flats as I found steep descents rather
> disconcerting...halfway down a steep hill I'd realize
> 'oh my god...I don't think I can pedal any
> faster...and I'm still picking up speed...". With time
> though, you'll find your leg speed will develop, and
> now I actually look for much more fun than
> the flats..:^)
> Michael Davies
> St Louis
> --- sam lingo <> wrote:
>> I dropped by the lobby at the Houston show for a
>> peek
>> at the frames and to see a couple of old Friends.Got
>> a
>> change to talk briefly with Brian Baylis.He advised
>> sense my work didn't permit regular ride times to
>> try
>> a fixed gear for a more condensed work out.It took
>> me
>> a while to build a fixed gear but finely finished
>> one.I've staked out a nice 15 mile round trip from
>> my
>> house and rode it twice so far.First time the saddle
>> was too high,this time a lot better.This is a self
>> training project and was wondering if others use a
>> fixed gear for training or such?And any tips on this
>> type of ride?
>> always your comments are appreciated---sam
>> sam lingo,pleasanton tx
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