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From: "Michael Francis Butler" <>
To: "Tom Hayes" <>
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Subject: Re: [CR]FixedWheel Again
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Date: Sat, 24 Sep 2005 06:27:30 -0700

Tom, I think what Doug was refreing to was a Two Speed Sturmey-Archer fixed hub gear. This was probably the TF model but you will have to ask him. Sturmeys made at least two types of 2 speed fixed hub gears. The TF and T which are now highly sort after. I was told that these are far more reliable than the later ASC but I have no riding knowledge of these gears. BSA also made a wonderful 2 speed fixed free hub gear which could be used in both modes as a two speed gear. My Father said these are wonderful gears and so practical he has a NOS unit minus its triggers has anyone got some spare ones they will part with? Finally 240 miles in a 1950's twelve on a hilly course what a ride WOW! To give you some idea of how good this ride was, compare it to Hubert Opperman (BSA Pro)record 12 in 1934 when he did 243 miles and this was probably more or less on a straight out course with a chuff wind. Well done Doug. Best wishes Mick butler Hunts. UK --
    Michael Francis Butler