Re: [CR]Ok this is rare and a very nice 68 Cinelli

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Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2005 19:29:45 -0700 (PDT)
From: "dave martinez" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Ok this is rare and a very nice 68 Cinelli
To: Joe Bender-Zanoni <>
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Hello Joe,

Yeah, I have a 1960 Cinelli Super Corsa with all chrome stays, chrome bands on seattube and a full chrome fork.It has the original beater paint with lots of scratches and some touch-up attempts. The bike originally came from Cupertino Bike Shop. From what I was told the original owner was very meticulus with it. When he died, his son got it and trashed it. I use it mostly off road on some of the local fire roads and its my main Sierra Nevada vacation bike. I could probably post some pics tomorrow if anyone is interested.

Regards, Dave Martinez Fremont Ca

Joe Bender-Zanoni <> wrote: The seller claims all original finish. Anyone have a catalog or contemporary description showing the 3/4 chrome stays and all chrome fork as an option?

Joe Bender-Zanoni Great Notch, NJ

charles nighbor wrote:
>This is a lot better than last bike I posted here.RARE 1968 Cinelli
>Speciale Corsa. Campagnolo. Bivalent
> Exceptional original condition, Show bike. Item number: 7185664186
>Not the seller but I could wish I was the seller but then it wouldn't be
>for sale
>Charles Nighbor
>Walnut Creek, CA