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Hear, hear!

So the real issue in conducting frame flex research in order to improve bicycle technology, is to understand what attributes of frame design and construction quality actually affect performance. More, it also helps to understand if you are interested in quantitative performance measures (efficiency, races won, time trial results, chain/derailleur interference, ghost shifting, joint/tube fatigue) or more subjective "quality of event" measures, such as sound, feel, "whippiness," snap, et cetera.

The Masters, i.e. Cinelli, Masi, and the other greats had a feedback system. The great riders they built for came back to the shop and said "I like this aspect" or "I don't like this aspect" or "I can't kick anyone's butt with this pos" or "it's wrong, it broke too easily." Quantitative measurement wasn't needed.

My 2 cents,

Ken Freeman Ann Arbor, MI

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What rides good and feels good, is good...

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