Re: [CR]top mounted shifters

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Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2005 23:21:09 -0700
From: Chris Collins <>
Subject: Re: [CR]top mounted shifters

Hello Jay,

I am also looking for this SunTour branded adapter for cable stops on a top-mounted braze-on. Did you have luck finding one? Did you find two?


> Wayne's experience (see below) reminds me that I am still searching for

> the adapter Suntour made that converts the top mounted symetric shifters

> to stops for bar end shifters. I just haven't had the time to custom

> make one. One of my Centurion Pro Tours has this Suntour branded

> adapter but I would like to find another for my other Pro Tour. Anyone

> have one they could part with?


> Steve Willis? You often have the odd part sought after.


> Thanks.


> Jay Sexton

> home, sick, and raining again in

> Sebastopol, CA