[CR]Ride comfort of hiflange 27" Campy compared to low 700c?

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Date: Thu, 8 Sep 2005 12:31:47 -0400
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From: "Jeff Potter" <jeff@outyourbackdoor.com>
Subject: [CR]Ride comfort of hiflange 27" Campy compared to low 700c?

I'm presently riding lowflange Campys and 27" Weinmann Concaves on my 25" Paramount sport-tourer. They seem very nice. However, I do like the looks of hiflange and I have a chance to make a trade for a set of 700c, same rims. But does hiflange ride noticeably differently? I've heard they're stiffer. This is a big bike and I weigh 180. I noticed my rear load on the Blackburn rack sway on my last tour with 20 pounds on it. It made me muse about integral and/or steel racks---but maybe hiflange plus smaller wheels would firm up the ride. But maybe flex is no real biggy---I don't load-tour much. I sure do love a cushy ride! Maybe I'd be giving up too much cush when switching to from hi 27" to lo 700c. Ideas? --

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