[CR]FS: Peugeot budget randonneur (UE18?) ~21"

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From: "Doug Van Cleve" <dvancleve@cox.net>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2005 14:33:32 -0700
Subject: [CR]FS: Peugeot budget randonneur (UE18?) ~21"

Howdy folks.

I need to make some space, so I am offering this bike to the list. It is a purple Peugeot UE18 (I think). It is like a UO8, but is a poor man's randonneur with factory fenders, rack and lighting. Mine may have been brought over from Europe as it has 700C rims rather than 27". It is very presentable, but does have some scratching/flaking of graphics in various spots. The only thing that isn't original is the taillight, which was missing. I modified one from a newer Peugeot that should work fine, but isn't as cool and the buld is burned out. This has an interesting Gallet (I think) seat that is sort of a tensioned synthetic. It is narrow with some kind of rubbery plastic top and springs underneath. Tires are replaced but several years old now. Fenders are in good condition and appear to be stainless steel. In fact, I saw a set that were take-offs from the same model sell for $75 or something like that on eBay earlier this year. This bike mostly needs new cables and housing. I can rewrap the bars with black cloth tape if you'd like, $100. I don't want to lose money shipping, but I don't need to make any either. I shipped a gaspipe Gitane with a bunch of accessories early this year by FedEx ground for under $30 so I suspect that would be in that ballpark. I can send pictures, so please ask if you are interested.


Doug Van Cleve
Chandler AZ