What's that thing? (was [CR]Baldy Ride - solo version)

Date: Sun, 01 Jan 2006 10:08:24 -0600
From: John Thompson <JohnThompson@new.rr.com>
Organization: The Crimson Permanent Assurance
To: Rich Pinder <rpinder@usc.edu>
Subject: What's that thing? (was [CR]Baldy Ride - solo version)
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Rich Pinder wrote:
> Bike Question: My 81 Miyata has an odd wire 'cage' on the drive side
> chainstay, through which runs the derailleur cable. I've often wondered
> about this bracket thing... but have no idea it's purpose. Again,
> reading a VBQ magazine on early derailleurs, I noticed one model
> actually attached to the chainstay. I totally doubt that this bracket
> (on a Japanese bike, with an integrated derailleur hanger) could have
> anything to do with an optional mount for a derailleur - but if anyone
> knows what it does... I'd apprecaite it. [Here's a pic:
> *http://tinyurl.com/85ol9* ]

That's a chainstay protector, to help prevent paint damage from chain slap.

John (john@os2.dhs.org)
Appleton WI USA