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Date: Tue, 3 Jan 2006 10:16:56 -0800
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Look for the sets of loose ball-end allen wrenches in the plastic carrier...the 7mm size is usually deleted in the flip-out combo sets. Bondhus and Husky sets all include them. OSH, Home Depot, and Sears all stock the sets.

If you have trouble finding one in your area, ping me and I'll send you one for free...I have a bunch of 'em, since the 7mm size is always left in the plastic thingy long after I've ruined or lost all of the more common sizes. I can easily mail one your direction.


Scott Minneman San Francisco, CA

> I've got an Ava stem with an English diameter and an allen head stem
> tightener nut. It is between an 8 and a 6 millimeter allen wrench
> sizes. My caliper measures it about 7mm. Where do you go to get a 7mm
> allen wrench? None of my hardware stores have them. Might this be some
> strange Wentworth standard size? Or is it likely just a 7mm size. It
> measure .3 inches in English.
> Don Wilson
> Los Olivos, CA
> D.C. Wilson
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