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Date: Wed, 4 Jan 2006 12:20:07 -0800 (PST)
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The Cinelli alloy bars (in the classic 26.4 mm diameter), had three different versions, I think, in terms of logos. From their introduction to the late 70's perhaps, they had engraved crests on both sides, then the "intermediate" logo, with the word Cinelli on one side and a simpler model logo (vs old logo) on the other, then the newer ones with just lettering on both sides. However, AFAIK, all three generations offered 4 models, "Giro d'Italia", "Campione del Mondo", "Criterium" and "Pista" characterised different reach, drop and general shape. I believe the model number and the shape of each model remained the same throughout these three generations, except that wider widths became available in the later generations.


Jerry Moos Big Spring, TX

Michael Butler <> wrote: Hello Brian, Found this for you a 1981 catalogue Cinelli Model 63 CAMPIONE DEL MONDO a square bar with good forward reach, available in 38 & 40cm widths, 324 gm. Model 64 Giro d'Italia slightly less square than 63 and less radical dimension. A good all-round road racing bar. In 38 & 40cm width, weight 329gm.

Cheers Mick B. --- Brian Peters wrote:
> hello..I am looking for some information on Cinelli
> bars from the 80s. I am
> wondering what the difference between the Giro bar
> peace
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