Subject lines and quoting (was Re: [CR]Silly Chat Forum. Never!)

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Date: Wed, 4 Jan 2006 23:15:27 -0500
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Subject: Subject lines and quoting (was Re: [CR]Silly Chat Forum. Never!)

At 8:01 PM +0000 1/4/06, Doug Smith wrote:
>I for one take exception to be classed as part of "a silly chat forum"
>as implied by Tyrone Roland Doleman. I 'm sure others feel the same way.
>I think we should all agree that Dale was correct in putting a stop to
>this and the reason he gave.The perhaps the writer might like to think
>of something more constructive to contribute, like the subject of classic cycles etc.

When replying to threads on email lists, it would really help if you would either quote relevant parts of the message you're replying to, or leave the "Subject:" line intact.

When you change the "Subject:" line for a reply, _and_ don't quote, it makes it difficult or impossible to know what/whom you're replying to.

Not every list subscriber reads every posting in the list; I typically get over 1,000 emails per day, so I have to be a bit selective.

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