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Subject: Re: [CR]Dating Nervex Pro lugs
Date: Sat, 7 Jan 2006 13:51:25 -0600

.... agree with the others. have seen on occassion a restored '55 (# 421 on the middle of the bb) around these parts, and it has ... keyhole styled lugs, adjustable stem, and high flange wheels. i have been told this may be the last year that schwinn did an "all schwinn" parts list for paramounts. the top eyes are a very small oval plate, not the round ball type as seen on harvey's. yes, a serial # would be the key here ... also original pedals for these are very hard to find ... or so we've been told.
r clair
alexandria, va

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Subject: [CR]Dating Nervex Pro lugs

>I wrote earlier today about a very nice Schwinn Paramount track bike with
>what looks Nervex Pro lugs. When I and at a freind looked at it, we thought
>it might be 1940s, but as I'm a novice about Paramounts our guess of
>vintage was way off possibly. Bill Curtis wrote stating he thought Nervex
>Pro started in latter 1950s. Out of curiousity and in help in dating the
>Paramount, does anybody know the approximate timeline of these lugs.
> Peter Naiman
> Glendale, WI
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