RE: [CR]Was: gantlet/gauntlet Now: peddles/pedals

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Subject: RE: [CR]Was: gantlet/gauntlet Now: peddles/pedals
Date: Sun, 8 Jan 2006 08:15:38 -0500
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What about Chuck/Chuk or Ken/Kenn?

Peddle/Pedal does drive me crazy.

Ken (Kenn?) Freeman, Ann Arbor (AnnArbor?), MI

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I write, "if he peddles with his legs extended..." and nobody even picks up on it???

The non-bike "gantlet/gauntlet" thread has guys tripping over their own feet in a rush to respond making it one of the longest threads ever, second only to "brev./patent" and nobody even mentions "peddles/pedals" ????????????


Chuck "Chaz/Chas" Schmidt South Pasadena, Southern California